After entering a new era, the watch industry also seems to keep up with pace and makes its development-material evolution. Materials, like silicon hairspring or cases made of alloy, shows its importance on the watch industry. Now, this year, we have Tag Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum with us.

Before we gives a formal introduction to the Tag Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum watch, we would still say something about the material. Some people may think that material is just a hype and anidea that cannot be transformed into reality. Even such a material is made, it is high in price and rare people would pay for that. but I think, first we should have such an idea that we want a new material, and then give thoughts to the factors such anti-shock, etc. after rounds of tests and we fully master how to produce it, then we could have applied it. For example, can you imagine the price if Tag Heuer Carrera MikroPendulum oscillates at a frequency of 50 HZ.

As what we talked about before, Carrera MikroPendulum watch was an ideal ideal watch, and people who are familiar with Tag Heuer should know that Carrera MikroPendulum watch was first posed in 2010, and then many people thought that Tag Heuer could not overcome this challenge, particularly the material problem: the different in the temperature will result in the performance. But in the past three months, Tag Heuer addressed the problem with magnetic atom and alloy as the material and then precisely calculate the size and geometry. Finally, a new way that broke the tradition was born and a new spiral system that is dived by magnetic was invented so that it can oscillate at a low amplitude and a high frequency. Overall, the magnetic balance wheel is equal to the best traditional balance hairspring.

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