Patek Philippe is a top brand in the watch industry and possesses the best skills in the world. Its place, history and the brand effects makes a high price, but still many fans after it. what’s more, Patek Philippe has less steel edition, so one a steel edition is released, it definitely would draw tons of attention and a great number of fans would go after it. Today, we focus on Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001.

It is very complicated, including a perpetual calendar, chronograph, power reserve indicator and laminator materials. If we see any of them on a watch, it may be a usual thing, but if we see them all on one watch, then it is stunning. Calendar is clear to be seen and down the calendar is a power reserve indicator. Once the hand points ‘-‘mark then that means shortage of energy. The most complicated thing on Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001 is the chronograph. Although it seems to be simple, it adopted complicated techniques by using one second hand to record time and works as usual. That is a real unique skills.

Date display shows the current day, which is common in most watches and finds its application in daily life. Week display is used to show weeks, which combines with Date display to show 7 days of a week. Besides, there are two ways to display month, namely through the aperture or hand. Movement on the CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H is an automatic movement and this is a home-made movement by Patek Philippe. It was redesigned upon CH-280520 and becomes the most complicated movement in this series. What’s more, a metal rotor is applied to the movement to improve the winding efficiency. Logo on the Patek Philippe 5960/1A-001 not only reflects its blue blood, but also explains it is one of the master works among Patek Philippe.

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